Directors of Development's Lives Made Easier


Program Manager's Paperwork Piles Reduced



Percentage of clients that continue after original engagement

“Idlewild knows what we do and provides solutions that are right for our business, not what’s trendy or what’s best for their bottom line. As a small non-profit, we don’t get lost — our business is just as important to them as bigger orgs.”

Shanna Gumaer

Project Morry

“Idlewild does a better job than other firms I’ve worked with at both understanding our needs and clearly communicating possible solutions.”

Ryan Pukos

Grand Central Partnership

“Idlewild has really helped us to improve our Salesforce systems to meet our organizational needs and take things to the next level. For the first time, we feel like we finally got a good hold on the potential of Salesforce and are getting more out of it.”

Luis Medina

Edible Schoolyard NYC

“Idlewild has an incredibly personal and insightful approach that makes it feel more human than most competitors.”

Ariella Assouline

It Gets Better